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Can I use these on my game project?

I need LOTS of these! Where do I get more?

thank you

Is this CC0 license or CO0? I've never heard of the later.


Amazing! What is the license?


"Do whatever you want" license :)

Thank you!

Amazing work, congrats and thanks a lot!

Hey, thank you! You made my day! :3

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I could say the same. Know what's best in it? Even though just drawings, they show how people are beautiful in all their diversity, regardless skin color, ethnicity, gender! Games (and other arts) needs to show it more and more

Wow, that's really amazing. Thanks a lot.

These are pretty cool! I didn't know Artbreeder was a thing - thanks for introducing me to it!

Thank you!! I'm glad that you liked Artbreeder!


YES, very nice work. A lot of attention to the details as well


Thank you :)

Deleted 2 years ago

Thank you so much :3


WOW! Amazing! You are really talented.


Thank you!


He used a GAN, probably XD


And looks like you were jelly of my complement and had to comment for attention :D Nice one mate!


Not so much jealous as I see these as kind of a scam. You can get art like this elsewhere for free, and more tailored to your needs, but he's charging money for them.

But hey, if you wanna get scammed and insult those trying to warn you. Be my guest. Far be it from me to keep a petulant fool from his overpriced spoils. ;)

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How can free art for public commercial use be a scam? Perhaps you lack of simple skill called reading?